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Education & Career Counseling

Empower Yourself with Informed Decisions and Strategic Career Planning

Educational Guidance and Counseling

Navigating the educational landscape can be complex, but with our guidance and counseling services, students are at the center of a professional and systematic approach. We assist students in understanding their needs, offering effective solutions, and facilitating well-informed decisions for their study abroad plans.

Choosing the Ideal Institution:

Discovering the perfect match in educational institutions can be challenging. At SITUK Consulting, we prioritize your preferences, helping you set clear priorities to find the best-fit institution for your academic journey.

Streamlined Admission and Visa Processes:
Our experienced counselors are dedicated to assisting you in selecting the right course and institution. We provide systematic services, ensuring a careful and efficient handling of your application.

Navigating the Counseling Journey

Admission Application Processing

Awaiting the Offer Letter (2-8 weeks’ time)

Meeting Conditions Outlined in the Offer Letter

Preparing for the Interview (Mock Interview)

Gathering Documents for Visa Application

Facilitating Accommodation Arrangements

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